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OUAC has a long and proud history. We are fortunate that one of the club’s longest serving coaches and vice-president, Graham Tanner, has documented our past. Graham first assembled a short history of the club in the early 1990s. In 2002, he extended the piece before passing it to Laurence Chandy and Michael Rush, OUAC club presidents, who enlarged it still further, as well as supplementing it with never before seen illustrations. In 2010, Simon Molden – President of the OUCCC Old Gits – further added to the history, to include more information on the dates of the club’s founding, and also to add an appendix listing all the VM and FEAR results.


It is hoped that the story of OUAC, which is indeed the story of modern athletics, is found to be of inspiration to current and future members, a warm reminder for our alumni, and an interesting read and resource for others interested in athletics.

The History is broken into seven sections, with a separate section at the end on coaching. You can click on any of the below headings to commence reading a particular period. The sub-headings are not an exclusive guide to the contents of the document, but an indication of who and what falls for general discussion.


You can view the history by downloading a full pdf version: OUAC Club History 

Any suggestions or new material is welcomed. Please contact the President if you can help in any way, or have any other enquiries on the matter.


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