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All Time Hall of Fame

Below are profiles of fifteen of the finest legends to have pulled on the Dark Blue vest of OUAC.

One athlete has been chosen from each of the fifteen complete decades in which the club has been in existence – dating back to the year 1850.

This list is not intended to represent the fifteen greatest athletes from the club’s all-time membership. It is not a “top 15” chart. Indeed, some decades produced legends who would have easily qualified for the all time Hall of Fame in another era.

We do also not purport to claim that our choice of athlete as legend of the decade is indisputably the right one. Even for those who sat down over a few pints and picked over the club’s history, there was not unanimity in the final decisions. A number of legends such as Lord Arthur Porritt, Tom Hampson, Derek Johnson, David Hemery and Lord Jeffrey Archer were controversially overlooked for selection.

However, what has always distinguished those who were chosen from those who were not, was the balance that was struck between the athlete in question not only having competed successfully on the international stage, but also having contributed significantly to OUAC during their time at University. This is why Roger Bannister is found in the 1940’s and not the 1950’s.

The profiles of our 15 greatest OUAC legends are all based on historical fact. In the spirit of OUAC however, where we have the chance to lambast the Tabs, or put our tongues in our cheeks, we have not let that opportunity pass us by.

Halifax Wyatt

Decade: 1850’s

College: Exeter

Event: Two mile steeplechase, 100 yards, most others

Information & Achievements

Clement Jackson

Decade: 1860’s

College: Magdalen Hall

120 yard hurdles

Information & Achievements.

Marshall Brooks

Decade: 1870’s

College: Brasenose

Event: High Jump, Long Jump

Information & Achievements.

Frank Cross

Decade: 1880’s

College: New

Event: 880 yards, Mile

Information & Achievements.

Cecil B. Fry

Decade: 1890’s

College: Wadham

Event: Long Jump, 100 yards

Information & Achievements.

Westley Coe

Decade: 1900’s

College: Hertford

Event: Shot Put

Information & Achievements.

Arnold Strode

Decade: 1910’s

College: Brasenose

Event: Mile

Information & Achievements.

Bevil Rudd

Decade: 1920’s

College: Trinity

Event: 440 yards, 880 yards

Information & Achievements.

Jack Lovelock

Decade: 1930’s

College: Exeter

Event: Mile, Three Miles

Information & Achievements.

Roger Bannister

Decade: 1940’s

College: Exeter

Event: Miles

Information & Achievements.

Chris Chataway

Decade: 1950’s

College: Madgalen

Event: Three Miles, Mile

Information & Achievements.

Adrian Metcalfe

Decade: 1960’s

College: Madgalen

Event: 440 yards, 100 yards, 220 yards

Information & Achievements.

Julian Goater

Decade: 1970’s

College: St Edmund Hall

Event: 5000m, 1500m, X-Country

Information & Achievements.

Simon Mugglestone

Decade: 1980’s

College: Hertford

Event: 5000m, 1500m, X-Country

Information & Achievements.

Stephanie Cook

Decade: 1990’s

College: Lincoln

Event: 3000m, 5000m, X-Country, Modern Pentathlon

Information & Achievements.


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