Oxford University Athletic Club

Past Presidents

Year President College Year President College
1865 R.A.H. Mitchell Balliol 1914 A. N. S Jackson B.N.C
1866 J.H. Forster University 1920 B.G.D.Rudd Trinity
1867 B.S. Darbyshire Wadham 1921 B.G.D.Rudd Trinity
1868 Earl of Jersey Balliol 1922 E.A. Montague Magdalen
1869 J. W. Laing Christ Church 1923 W.R. Milligan University
1870 J.H. Morgan Trinity 1924 R.J. Dickinson Oriel
1871 R.V. Somers Smith Merton 1925 E.P. Hewetson Pembroke
1872 R.H. Benson Balliol 1926 A.E. Porritt Magdalen
1873 E.S. Garnier University 1927 A.C. Newman Christ Church
1874 W.M. Smith-Dorrien Magdalen 1928 H.M. O’Connor Trinity
1875 T. Snow New College 1929 R. Leigh Wood Trinity
1876 M.J. Brooks B.N.C 1930 C.E.S. Gordon Christ Church
1877 E.R.J. Nicolls Christ Church 1931 H.S. Townend B.N.C.
1878 W.H. Grenfell/A. Goodwin Balliol/Jesus 1932 J.F. Cornes Corpus
1879 M. Shearman St. John’s 1933 C.J. Mabey St. Edmund Hall
1880 A.F. Hills/B.R. Wise University/Queens 1934 J.E. Lovelock Exeter
1881 G.P.C. Lawrence Corpus Christi 1935 K.S. Duncan New College
1882 G.P.C Lawrence Corpus Christi 1936 F.A.S. Gentry Christ Church
1883 T.E. Wells Magdalen 1937 E.B. Teesdale Trinity
1884 L. Carter Corpus Christi 1938 A. Pennigton Hertford
1885 A. McNeill Trinity 1939 A.W. Selwyn Jesus
1886 J.H. Ware B.N.C 1946 P.J.M. Trollope Balliol
1887 H.T. Bowlby Balliol 1947 K.H.P. Bailey St. Peter’s Hall
1888 F.J.K. Cross New College 1948 P.F.D. Wallis Trinity
1889 F.J.K. Cross New College 1949 R.G. Bannister Exeter
1890 W. Pollock-Hill Keble 1950 D.M. Dixon New College
1891 W.B. Thomas Christ Church 1951 N.D. Stacey Wadham
1892 B.C. Allen Corpus Christi 1953 C.J. Chataway Magdalen
1893 A. Ramsbottom Exeter 1954 C.E. Villiers B.N.C.
1894 C.B. Fry Wadham 1955 C.H. Jeffries Magdalen
1895 W.J. Oakley Christ Church 1956 D.J.N. Johnson Lincoln
1896 G. Jordan University 1957 D.C.E. Gorrie Corpus
1897 G. Jordan University 1958 C.M.G.R. Jenkins Exeter
1898 J.M. Freemantle Hertford 1959 R.P.D. Van Rossum Pembroke
1899 G.C.Vassall Oriel 1960 J.B. Holt St. Catherine’s
1900 A.M. Hollins Hertford 1961 R.A. Lane B.N.C.
1901 E.A. Dawson Worcester 1962 R.W. Macklin B.N.C.
1902 G.R. Garnier Oriel 1963 A.P. Metcalfe Magdalen
1903 A.A. Wilson Trinity 1964 J.M.W. Hogan Trinity
1904 T.A. Leach B.N.C 1965 H.H.A. Pullan New College
1905 K. Cornwallis University 1966 J.H. Archer B.N.C.
1906 K. Cornwallis University 1967 T.M. Taylor St. Peter’s Hall
1907 A.H. Fyffe/E.R.J. Hussey University/Hertford 1968 M.A. Hauck St. Catherine’s
1908 E.R.J. Hussey Hertford 1969 I.W. Dawes B.N.C.
1909 P. Stormonth Darling New 1970 P.A. De Villiers Trinity
1910 L.C. Hull B.N.C. 1971 R.A. Steele New College
1911 C. Howard Smith B.N.C 1972 B.K. Hull St. Catherine’s
1912 G.R.L. Anderson Trinity 1973 P.M.E. Temporal St. Edmund Hall
1913 W. Craig Moore Exeter 1974 S.H. White Wadham

In 1975, OUAC’s women’s side came into existence. The constitution of the club changed so that whoever was elected as President of OUAC was also the captain of their particular gender. After the President was elected, the opposite gender would then vote in a candidate as their captain.

Year President College Captain College
1975 J.N. Goater S.E.H L. Wightman LMH
1976 A.J. Etchells St. John’s M. Willey St. Hilda’s
1977 E. Powell Merton L. Wightman LMH
1978 J.R. Crosse Magdalen R. Slator LMH
1979 C. Betteridge Oriel J. Bramah St. Hilda’s
1980 S.J. Walsh Exeter J. Reeve St. Anne’s
1981 P.A. Clarkson Queen’s C. Simpson St. Anne’s
1982 A.S. Beardmore St. Edmund Hall J. Roynon Somerville
1983 J. McCabe S.E.H Janet Corlett St. Anne’s
1984 G. Clifford Merton M. Brennan Magdalen
1985 M. Bowen Balliol S. Robinson Jesus
1986 T. Berrett B.N.C V. Pritchard St. Hugh’s
1987 J.K.L. Brooke Balliol J. Cooke Jesus
1988 J.E.D. Crews Brasenose M. Higgins St. Hilda’s
1989 E. Hobson Queen’s S.J. Mugglestone Hertford
1990 M.J.Borrett S.E.H E. Westlake St Catherine’s
1991 S.J.Mugglestone Keble J. Latimer Hertford
1992 C.F.N. Todd S.E.H C. Fisher Somerville
1993 S.J. Clarke St. Hugh’s G. Karlsson Merton
1994 G. Davies Nuffield E. Cave Balliol
1995 M.J. Weaver S.E.H C. May Queen’s
1996 S. Rosato Linacre C. Martin Queen’s
1997 A. Fox Corpus Christi J. Street Pembroke
1998 T. Costello LMH S. Hutchinson Wolfson
1999 C. Ridgely Merton A. Ireland Magdalen
2000 A. Ireland Magdalen E. Goodwin Keble
2001 C. Sleeman Queen’s A-M. Harling Worcester
2002 L. C. Chandy Magdalen J. Duff Keble
2003 M. Rush Magdalen H. Edmundson Regent’s Park
2004 F. Thompson Wolfson A. Wallace Jesus
2005 R. Baderin LMH K. Sam Wadham
2006 N. Radford/M. Bomb Queens/Magdalen J. Buckler St Hugh’s
2007 S. Marlow New F. Smithson Magdalen

In 2008, the constitution was changed again, this time so that the club would elect in a President of OUAC, and then both a Men’s Captain and a Women’s Captain. The President stayed as the club’s figure head and leader, with the two captains’ roles now primarily the selection and organisation of their respective Blues teams.

Year President College Men’s Captain College Women’s Captain College
2008 S. Hughes Magdalen P. Duggleby Brasenose S. Madgett Brasenose
2009 A. Chetwynd Keble D. Austin Balliol E. Binner Magdalen
2010 D. Johnson New A. Skouby Oriel C. Blättler University
2011 C. Witcombe Keble B. Horsley Keble H. Hanstock Magdalen
2012 M. Johnson Jesus B. Waldie Exeter E. Gatehouse Christ Church
2013 A. Probodziak Somerville D. Hooker Christ Church N. Prill New
2014 R. Eliot Exeter A. McBraida Jesus K. Holder New
2015 A. McBraida Jesus S. Trigg Worcester M. Jackson St Peter’s
2016 H. Baker Jesus L. Rawlings Christ Church S. Rawlinson St John’s
2017 H. Fleming Corpus Christi A. Wheeler Brasenose A. Niedbala Kellogg
2018 M. Weatherseed LMH J. Paget St Peter’s E. Roberts Queens
2019 J. Paget St Peter’s M. Newton Worcester A. Sharp Queens

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