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Once you’ve made the fantastic decision to join OUAC, there are 2 simple steps to become a member. After third week in Michaelmas, everyone training with the club must have filled out a form and paid their subs in order to continue attending sessions. Feel free to contact the President (Miles Weatherseed), the Men’s Captain (Jack Paget) or the Women’s Captain (Emma Roberts) if you need any assistance.

Please note, as of the 2017-18 season, we have changed how we structure OUAC and OUCCC subs in order to come to a fairer agreement for both clubs. The table below is designed to help direct you to the correct package, with the specifics detailed below.

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Once you’ve chosen your package, all that’s left to do is complete the 2 steps below before you’re a fully fledged OUAC member!

Step 1 – Fill in the Membership Form

Membership Form 2017-18

Step 2 – Sign up for Payment

OUAC now uses a payment system called GoCardless. This involves setting up a restricted Direct Debit – filling out the form below authorises OUAC to charge you for subs and EA registration (which is the amount shown). Once you have filled out the form OUAC can charge you for future payments (Varsity dinners, kit etc.) but you must authorise each of these additional payments (which is done by clicking on an email link). I hope you agree this new system considerably streamlines the payment process without taking any control from you.

If you have any difficulties with the GoCardless process, please contact the Treasurer, Edward Rees.

Click on the appropriate link below, depending on whether you need EA (England Athletics) registration:
Note: England Athletics registration is required to compete at any public competition.

Membership with England Athletics Registration

England Athletics membership is required to compete in all public competitions. It runs on a yearly basis, from April 1st to March 31st. The price is £15 and this affiliation fee goes towards improving and upholding athletics throughout the country.

New members (i.e. people who have never had EA membership before) are able to be registered from January 1st through to the following March 31st (Single EA Registration). Conversely (and infuriatingly), previous members of England Athletics can only be registered from April 1st to March 31st, so must essentially be registered twice in order to compete indoors (Double EA Registration).

tldr: If you were registered by OUAC last year or have never been registered by England Athletics before you need single registration.

If you have been registered with England Athletics at some point in the past but are not currently, you need double registration.

Hopefully this is clear, but if not, please get in touch with Club Secretary, Matthew Newton.












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