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Freshers' Varsity

The annual Varsity Freshers’ match provides an opportunity for both universities to show off their new talent as well providing new club athletes with the chance to experience competition early in the year and the fun that can be had, beating Cambridge. Whilst every Varsity match is fought hard, the Freshers’ match is a relatively relaxed event and newcomers to the club should not be worried about performing below their very best. All matriculated freshers’ (graduates and non-graduates) are eligible to take part in the match, as well as any other member of the university who has not previously competed in a Varsity match for OUAC. Selection for the team is made by the club president and captain. The match is held alternatively in Oxford and Cambridge, at the venue which doesn’t host the Varsity Match.

This coming Michaelmas, the match will be held in Cambridge at Wilberforce Road Sports Ground.

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