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Iffley Road Festival of Miles

Iffley Road is famous across the world as the track where Roger Bannister first broke the four-minute barrier for the mile, running 3:59.4 in 1954. Since then, the record has been broken numerous times but the magical four-minute barrier remains a coveted prize achieved by only a few of the most elite athletes.

With the advent of the metric system and the widespread convention of holding 1500m races at athletics meetings, modern athletes – from the serious to fun-runners – seldom get the chance to race the old distance of one mile. Many people who run regularly do not even have an official ‘Personal Best’ for this distance. Considering that, besides the 100m and the marathon, the one mile is the distance the general public are most familiar with, this seems a shame.

Thus, in 2011, Oxford University Althetics Club decided to open up the legendary Iffley Road Athletics Track to the wider world. Anyone who wanted to try their hand at running one mile could do so on this, the most famous of venues for that distance. The event was a success and the following year the prestigious British Milers’ Club (BMC), an organisation that sets up top-class middle distances races across the country, got involved as well.

In 2012 we are proud to be holding the second annual Iffley Road Festival of Miles, in conjunction with the BMC. It is open to anyone and everyone. This is your chance to race one mile on the track where the first ever 4 minute mile was run. Fully officiated with electronic timing, all runners get an official ‘Personal Best’ for this classic distance.

See you there!

(For more information contact the Event Organiser –chris.mcgurk@wadh.ox.ac.uk)

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