Oxford University Athletic Club

Could You be the Next OUAC Sponsor?

Oxford University Athletics Club is looking for a new sponsor for the year commencing October 2013. You or your company have the opportunity to help sponsor one of the oldest athletics clubs in the world; running since 1860, the club has boasted many a great athlete, some of whom have even used the club as a stepping stone to Olympic glory, and you could be a part of that.

With many of the club taking part in historic events such as the Cambridge-Oxford Varsity, nationally recognised and broadcasted events such as the British University & College Championships, as well as taking part in the longest running cross Atlantic tour in existence, with international matches again Ivy League Universities Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania and Cornell.

In addition, this year you would be able to contribute and be a part of the 150th year of the Cambridge-Oxford Varsity, hosted at Iffley Road track, Oxford; home of Roger Bannister’s famous first ever recorded breaking of the 4 minute mile.

If you are interested, please contact George Gundle at george.gundle@sjc.ox.ac.uk

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