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The 1860 Club

The 1860 Club strives to provide facilities, coaching and competition opportunities for everyone from complete beginners to international competitors, across all disciplines. The diversity and scale of OUAC’s activities require significant ongoing financial support from external sources. With the systemic shift in UK athletics from volunteer-based to more professional, OUAC is struggling to cover new costs arising from coaching and more club members competing at higher levels. As a result and in order to build upon recent successes and continue this upward trajectory, OUAC has created a new supporters’ society: The 1860 Club.

The supporters club, based on our year of foundation, will provide a regular and dependable funding stream to support our vision for the future, enabling us to plan ahead with certainty and confidence. On top of this, it will allow the club to adhere to our core principle that athletics should be affordable for all.

Anyone can become a Member of the 1860 Club by donating £18.60 per quarter, while alumni aged under 25 can join for just £18.60 per annum. Those who give £1,860 or more per annum will become Patrons of the 1860 Club.

In recognition, all members and patrons will:

  • receive an exclusive pin badge
  • have their names listed on the OUAC website and in each year’s Varsity Athletics programme
  • be invited to an annual drinks reception held in Oxford
To donate please follow this link:


1860 Club Patrons
We are deeply grateful to the 1860 club patrons who are a driving force behind OUAC’s continued success.

Name Matriculation Year College
Nick Nops 1968 Christ Church

1860 Club Members
We are hugely indebted to the 1860 club members who provide invaluable support for OUAC.

Name Matriculation Year College
William Cummings 1957 Christ Church
Michael Hogan 1961 Trinity
Andrew Popham 1974 Exeter
John Crosse 1975 Magdalen
Craig Masback 1977 Trinity
Antony Harris 1986 Pembroke
Caspar Eliot 2008 New
Helen Hanstock 2008 Magdalen
Daniel Hooker 2010 Christ Church
Hugo Fleming 2014 Corpus Christi
Louis Rawlings 2014 Christ Church
Irene Gibson 2016 St Catherine’s
Davy Lalor 2017 St Cross
Kimberly Horner 2017 St. Catherine’s

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