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Unfortunately Oxford did not manage to shoe many Tabs at the annual indoor athletics varsity (FEAR) at Lee Valley last weekend. Although there were many individual event victories, the dark blues’ only overall success came in the men’s relays, where they defeated Cambridge in four events to two. However, with nearly three months to the ultimate showdown in the outdoor varsity match, the dark blues will be working hard to turn the tables on their Fenland rivals.

It was not all doom and gloom for Oxford. The strong men’s 400 squad led the way, dominating the 4×60, 4×400 and the 4×200, with the Oxford ‘B’ team also convincingly beating Cambridge in the latter.  However, arguably the most exciting race of the day came in the longest event, with Cambridge drawing level with Alex Howard on the final leg of the 4×1500, only for Howard to unleash his Oxford grit and surge away on the final lap for a 1.7 second victory.

The women’s track events also featured their share of success for Oxford. Dakota McCoy, Emily Stone, Montana Jackson and Katie Holder combined to take victory in the 4x60H, whilst Emily Moss, Rebecca O’Neill and Rose Penfold dominated the 3×800 to enjoy the biggest winning margin of the day. However, with Cambridge winning the other relay events, they took overall victory 4-2.

The only Oxford victory in the men’s field came courtesy of the men’s discus team, with James Heywood throwing furthest overall with 41.09m. Other than that, it was a disappointing 7-1 to Cambridge in the field.

The women’s field events brought wins to Oxford’s shot putters and long jumpers, with the pole vault being a tie. Showing their strength in depth, all four Oxford shot counters threw further than Cambridge’s best, with Katie Holder throwing a pb of 10.44m and Christina Nick only 6cm behind, despite feeling a little tired from her 11m exertion at BUCS the previous weekend.

Whilst it was not the result Oxford had been hoping for, the dark blues can now go back to the drawing board and quietly plug away ready for a rematch at outdoor varsity in May. With two in each event compared to the four required last weekend, it may well work more in Oxford’s favour and captains Adam McBraida and Katie Holder are quietly confident in the capabilities of their teams. Spurred on by the defeat indoors, Oxford will be returning to the track with the advantages of being the underdogs and will be all guns blazing ready to shoe the Tabs! It promises to be an exciting rematch!

Report by Emily Moss

Results are available here.

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