Oxford University Athletic Club

Freshers 2017-18

Welcome to the Oxford University Athletics Club!

Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to continue your training or looking to try something new, new to the University or been here several years, everyone is welcome to come along and give this diverse sport a go. An outline of the various events and sessions the Club will be holding are shown below and if you are interested feel free to come to any, if not all of the opportunities and meet the team. If you have any questions, feel free to browse the website, or get in contact with the committee members at the Freshers Fair, or by emailing our President or Blues Captains for more information:

Miles Weatherseed, President – miles.weatherseed@lmh.ox.ac.uk 

Jack Paget, Men’s Blues Captain – jack.paget@spc.ox.ac.uk

Emma Roberts, Women’s Blues Captain –  emma.roberts@queens.ox.ac.uk


OUAC Freshers and 1st Week Programme:

Event Details Date
Freshers Fair 2017 Opportunity to meet senior committee members and ask any questions you have about the club. Information packs will be available for the week and you will have the opportunity to sign up to the OUAC mailing list so you can be kept up to date on events, training and club news. TBC
Circuits & Welcome Drinks Come down to the first circuits session of the year to meet the captains and team. TBC
Tuesday Training Come down to the first training session of the year and get to know the captains, coaches and squad leaders whilst doing some relatively relaxed training. Don’t worry, the harder stuff kicks in after not too long 😉 TBC
Sports Night Out Catch up for a few pinkies or perkies at the illustrious Vincent’s Club, the Oxford Blues Sports Club, before heading out to discounted Sports Club Night at Park End. TBC
Thursday Training Have another opportunity to come down to the track and try out all the events you’d like whilst getting to know all the members even better. TBC
AC v CCC Crewdate Get to know our long distance friends over drinks and fine meal at the prestigious Arzoo, a great introduction to the crewdating scene! TBC
Hill Session For those keen and recovered from the night before, there will be a hills session at South Parks – always a good session to clear the head with some fresh air at the end of the week! TBC
Cuppers Come down to the track to have a go at any or all events that you would like in a non-pressure, light-hearted atmosphere, with a barbeque and all the committee members available to answer any questions you have. This is a crucial event for those looking for selection for the Freshers Varsity Match against Cambridge so be sure to be there! TBC


More Events and Details coming soon! Please keep checking over the Summer as the page gets updated with the various events that will be planned for the first few weeks of Michaelmas.

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Useful Links

  • Membership Page and Information on Joining OUAC – link
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  • Meet the Squad Leaders – link
  • Weekly Training Schedules – link
  • OUAC Major Competitive Events – link
  • Club News – link


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