Social events for Michaelmas 2012:


  • Monday of 1st Week (14/10/12): Fresher’s drinks at Vinnie’s
  • Wednesday of 1st Week (15/10/12): Drinks and night out at Lava Ignite, Park End
  • Friday of 1st Week (16/10/12): OUAC – OUCCC crew date at Jamal’s
  • TBC November:  Fresher’s Varsity Match joint meal and drinks with Cambridge
  • TBC December: OUAC Christmas Meal
  • TBC Hilary: OUAC Pre vFEAR Dinner
  • TBC Hilary: OUAC Post vFEAR Dinner Celebration
  • Post Circuits Meal: Every Monday post session
  • Crewdates with Blues swimming, cricket, basketball and football
  • Women’s coffee – relaxed and alcohol free, happening weekly.
  • Crewdates with Blues swimming, netball and gymnastics

Further social highlights:
  • Ten day subsidized trip to Portugal over the Easter break
  • Annual dinner (attended by current and former students)
  • Post Varsity match dinner in May (will be in Oxford this year!)

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