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Squad Leaders

About the squad leaders

The squad leaders are the first point of contact for athletes in OUAC’s different training groups: throws, short sprints, horizontal jumps, long sprints, high jump, middle distance, hurdles, pole vault, and long distance. They are there to manage the squads on a day-to-day basis, making sure that everyone’s training is going well and they are enjoying being a part of the club! If you have any queries or need any help with training, your squad leader is the person to speak to.


Current Squad Leaders


Female Leader:

Male Leader:

Short Sprints:

Emma Roberts

Justin Leung

Long Sprints:

Nicole McKechnie

Hugh Baker

Middle Distance:

Dani Chattenton

Alex Gruen


Rachel Skokowski

Luke Cotter


Hatty Wigginton

Harry Salt

Horizontal Jumps:

Teele Palumaa (temp.)

Sandy MacAulay

Vertical Jumps:

Teele Palumaa

Archie McNeillis


Kate Davies (Jav)

Jack Paget (Shot/Discus/Hammer)

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