Oxford University Athletic Club

OUAC Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner will be at Somerville College on 5th March (Wednesday of 7th Week) costing £30 for the meal.

We will be meeting in Somerville College Bar in good time for the start of the meal at 8pm and while no outside alcohol may be bought in, wine will be avalable to be bought at the bar for just under £12 a bottle (in copious amounts, we are assured).

To book your place in this meal, please email Harry Parkin (harry.parkin@balliol.ox.ac.uk), including any dietary needs and send a cheque for £30 payable to OUAC to George Gundle @at St John’s College, Oxford (alternately, send him an email george.gundle@sjc.ox.ac.uk asking for the account details if you would prefer an electronic transfer).

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