Oxford University Athletic Club

OUAC is looking for Minibus Drivers!

Are you a member of OUAC and would be interested in helping transport your team mates to our major competitions like Varsity and BUCS? Then please email the Transport Administrator to book into an available minibus or MPV test session or join the waiting list and be notified when further assessments are arranged. If you could also contact Craig Morten to let the club know of your test, dates and details.


Minibus : 2013-2014
11-1pm on Thursday 26th September
9-11am on Friday 11th October
11-1pm on Friday 11th October
1:30-3:30pm on Friday 11th October
MPV : 2013-2014
9-11am on Thursday 3rd October
11-1pm on Thursday 3rd October
1:30-3:30pm on Thursday 3rd October
9-11am on Thursday 10th October

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