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About the coaches

The coaches are responsible for setting the sessions and providing professional advice for each training group. If you have a specific question about training or recovery then don’t hesitate to get in contact with them!

Short Sprints


Bridget Wheeler

Bridget's Bio

Bridget is the chairman of the Achilles club, and held the Varsity 200m record for 35 years. She qualified as a coach under the old BAAB system, and was formerly sprint coach to CUAC. She has previously travelled as coach on the US series. In spite of her light blue origins she is dedicated to making the dark blue sprinters the best they can be.

Short Sprints


Emma Hooper

Emma's Bio

Bio coming soon!!

Sprints and Hurdles


Eric Brees

Eric's Bio

Eric has spend a long time in the sport. His roles as coach have ranged from team to event-specific coaching positions, with his time being shared between his local club Enfield & Haringey, the SEAA teams competing within UK and Europe, and his work (in his words) “with the mighty OUAC”. Over the years he has been involved in BAAB Coaching Education, lecturing and practical coaching to Levels 1, 2 and 3. He has also spent time as a “mentor” to coaches outside his club. He has been involved as a coach and director for 31 years at the Bournemouth Young Athletes Course. Finally he has recently been part of the coaching team for Active Sports Development, a programme set up to nature talented athletes. He was invited to join OUAC in the 1989/1990 season and is pleased to be able to say that he’s still popping down as and when! He has told us that he “very much enjoys meeting athletes, having a hand in their development and watching their progress no matter how large or small.” He says that “my highlight of the year is our annual trips to Portugal, which are always a pleasure to attend and offer a great opportunity for OUAC athletes to train and bond together before the season kicks off.”

Long Sprints


Alex Currie

Alex's Bio

Bio coming soon!!!

Middle Distance


Kyle Bennett

Kyle's Bio

Bio coming soon!!!



Kay Reynolds

Kay's Bio

Bio coming soon!!!

Horizontal Jumps


Daniel Hooker

Dan's Bio

Bio coming soon!!!

High Jump


Ailsa Wallace

Ailsa's Bio

Bio coming soon!!!



Lesley Bryant

Lesley's Bio

Bio coming soon!!!

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