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Athens 1896

G T S Goulding, Silver medal, 110m hurdles 17.6s
C H S Gmelin, 4th 400m
G S Robertson, 4th Shot; 6th Discus

St Louis 1904

W W Coe (USA) Silver medal, Shot 14.40m

London 1908

N F Hallows, Bronze medal 1500m 4:04.0, 3 mile team
W W Coe (USA) 4th Shot
W E B Henderson, HJ (Standing); LJ (Standing); DT (Free and Greek); JT (Free)
C M Chavasse, 400m
W H Bleaden, LJ (Standing and Running)
N G Chavasse, 400m
L J Cornish, LJ (Standing and Running)
H E Holding, 800m
E R J Hussey, 110m hurdles
E B B May, DT (Free and Greek); HT; JT (Free and Mid)
A H Fyffe, HT

Stockholm 1912

A N S Jackson, Gold medal, 1500m 3:36.8
N S Taber (USA) Gold medal, 3000m team; Bronze medal, 1500m 3:56.9
W C Moore, 1,500m and 3000m team
G R L Anderson, 110m hurdles
C H A Porter, Bronze medal, 3000m team and 5000m
W E B Henderson, DT (best hand)

Antwerp 1920

B G D’U Rudd (SA) Gold medal, 400m 49.6 ; Silver medal, 4 x 400m relay 3:23.0; Bronze medal, 800m 1:54.0
W S Kent-Hughes (Aust) 400m hurdles

Paris 1924

E A Montague, 6th 3000m S/C
C E W C Macintosh, 6th LJ
W E Stevenson (USA) Gold medal 4 x 400m relay 3:16.0
A E Porritt (NZ) Bronze medal, 100m 10.9; 200m
G R Renwick, Bronze medal, 4 x 400m relay 3:17.4; 400m
L F Roberts (SA) HJ
R J Dickinson, HJ
M C Nokes, Bronze medal, HT 48.87m
D M Johnson (Can) 4th 400m; 4th x 400m relay
B M Norton (USA) 5th 200m

Amsterdam 1928

W G Kalaugher (NZ) 110m hurdles; TJ
L R Percival, 400m hurdles
V E Morgan, 3000m S/C
C E S Gordon, 400m hurdles
R Leigh-Wood, 5th 4 x 400m relay; 400m
M C Nokes, HT

Los Angeles 1932

T Hampson, Gold medal, 800m 1:49.8 ; Silver medal, 4 x 400m relay 3:11.2
N P Hallowell (USA) 6th 1500m
J E Lovelock (NZ) 1500m
J F Cornes, Silver medal, 1500m 3:52.6
R St G T Harper, 110m hurdles

Berlin 1936

J E Lovelock (N Z) Gold medal 1500m 3:47.8
A G Pilbrow, 110m hurdles
J F Cornes, 6th 1500m
H Sivertsen (Norway) DT
A Pennington, 100m; 200m; 4 x 100m relay

London 1948

E L R Philip (India) 100m; 200m
G D C Tudor, 3000m S/C
R C Barkway, 110m hurdles
T P E Curry, 3000m S/C

Helsinki 1952

R G Bannister, 4th 1500m
A Dick, 5th 4 x 400m relay
C J Chataway, 5th 5000m
N D Stacey, 5th 4 x 400m relay; 200m

Melbourne 1956

D J N Johnson, Silver medal, 800m 1:47.8; Bronze medal, 4 x 400m relay 3:07.8
C J Chataway, 5000m
R D Shaw, 400m hurdles
I H Boyd, 1500m
W B L Palmer, SP

Rome 1960

J Metcalf, 400m hurdles
D I B Smith (NZ) 800m
R Bhatia (India) 5000m

Tokyo 1964

J P Boulter, 800m
J M W Hogan, 400m hurdles
A P Metcalfe, 400m; silver medal 400m relay 3:01.6
M R Ralph, TJ

Mexico 1968

J P Boulter, 1500m
D P Hemery, gold medal 400m hurdles 48.12

Munich 1972

D P Hemery, bronze medal 400m hurdles 48.52, silver medal 4 x 400m relay 3:00.5

Barcelona 1992

R D Nerurkar, 17th 10,000m
T D Berrett (Canada) 14th 20k Walk
S Hollingsworth (Australia), 400m hurdles

Atlanta 1996

R D Nerurkar, 5th Marathon
T D Berrett (Canada) 10th 50k Walk S Hollingsworth (Australia), 400m hurdles

Sydney 2000

S Cook, Gold medal, modern pentathlon 5318
S Brice nee Pilling, Triathlon
T D Berrett (Canada) 25th 20k Walk; 50k Walk

Athens 2004

T Berrett (Canada), race walk

Beijing 2008

T Berrett (Canada), race walk
M Yamauchi, 6th Marathon

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