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Strength and Conditioning

Shin splint exercises:

Do once a day, this literally take 10 mins. Simple. It is still possible to train with shin splints, so long as the pain isn’t prohibitive. Taping helps reduce further stress during training (see video). Rocktape (5cmx5m) is a good option.

1. Find a step and do 4×10 calf raises on each leg off the step. Make sure your heel is fully dropped off the step and drive upwards when raising, but lower the calf raise slowly. Make sure to do the calf raise driving through the big toe not off the side of your other toes.

2. Lay a towel on the floor and use your big toe to scrunch the towel towards you. Do 4×10 scrunches on each foot.

3. Using a theraband follow the exercise as in the video here but do 3×15 on each foot (not just the 3 in the video), making sure to move the foot slowly and not let the band snap back into position. Make sure the tension in the band is fairly high. Then switch around and perform facing the other way so as to work the other side of the calves. Then standing and holding a theraband in your hands, hook the band below your toes and do 3×15 resisted dorsiflex and plantarflex (ie. pointing and raising toes).

After doing the exercises use a spiky/lacrosse ball to roll the bottom of your foot, concentrating on the big-toe side, particularly under the large big-toe joint. Either using a spiky/lacrosse ball or spiky ball massage stick roll the calf just along the bone (but not touching so it’s painful). Roll on the inside and outside of the calf. Make sure to stretch too, the best one is to stand on one foot and lower your heel off a step.

Correcting arms coming across body when running:

Again, do once a day, literally takes 10 mins. Involves strengthing shoulder muscles and stretching out tight pec muscles.

  1. Arms by your sides, pinch shoulder blades back and twist thumbs outwards so they point away from each other. At the same time, pull your head back (but keeping your eyes level, looking forward). Do 3×10 reps, holding each rep for two seconds.
  2. Again, 3×10 reps of the exercise here.
  3. Do 2 reps on each vertebra, exercise is 5:15 in to this video.
  4. Pec major stretch, here.
  5. Pec minor stretch (see link above). Do both stretches for 40s on each side.

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