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Injury Support

Lesley Bryant

The go to physio for all OUAC athletes. Lesley is currently working at Lifestyles therapy on various days. She has been closely involved in Sport, Physical Education and Dance as a Teacher, coach and sports massage therapist. Lesley is a former International Athlete having represented Great Britain and England over many years including two commonwealth games. She was Great Britain Athletics Team Manager from 1998 to 2005 at all major competitions including the Sydney Olympics 2000 and Athens Olympics 2004. Lesley Presently works on the Kelly Holmes initiative ‘On Camp With Kelly’ and ‘Future Stars’ as a massage therapist and supervisor. She regularly massages elite OCWK middle distance runners in Loughborough and Birmingham Universities and works closely as a sports therapist with Oxford University Athletics, Cross Country and Rowing Teams. Lesley can be contacted for a private appointment at lesley.bryant@hotmail.co.uk or 07816078010.

Club appointments with Lesley are made via doodle poll, which is sent out a week in advance by email, for weekly appointments during term time.

Website address is: www.lifestylesgym.co.uk

Monica Franke

The club currently has a deal with Monica Franke, Osteopath, Pilates Instructor and Sports Performance Therapist. Osteopaths look at the function of the body as a whole to ensure the smooth running of the entire unit. When there is an injury to any part, osteopathy seeks to remedy the underlying cause, whether it is local to the injury or somewhere quite different. Monica has worked in a sports team and competitive environment for 3 years (including rowing, ultimate frisbee and athletics), and is familiar with the need to be away from training and competition for as short a time as possible. Monica will assess the joint in question, the alignment of your spine and pelvis, assess your functional movements, such as squats, lunges and starts, and is present at the track every week to assess for potential injury-causing habits.In treatment, you will receive soft tissue massage, joint realignment, and other techniques aimed at resetting your neurological firing pattern to the muscles, making sure you are as physically well connected as you need to be. Monica will also offer you advice about optimising your strength training program, working as much as possible in close conjunction with your coach.Monica is based at Bourton Mill gym, above Rymans on the High Street, and can be contacted on 07970 119 721, or via email at monicafranke@hotmail.com.

Monica’s website address is: www.monicafranke.com.

Monica has written this discussion on injury management and rehabilitation in the light of Ron Hill’s speech at the OUAC annual dinner on 31st January 2009.


Ben Ousey

Ben Ousey has been providing an alternative once monthly osteopathic treatment for OUAC for a year now. Ben applies a structural approach and incorporates a variety of osteopathic techniques in order to reduce pain and improve mobility. He is particularly interested in the treatment of sporting injuries and in the potential for osteopathic therapy to enhance sporting performance.

Ben Ousey is contactable via b_ousey@hotmail.com for private appointments.

Website address is: http://www.51stclements.co.uk/


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