Oxford University Athletic Club


To learn about the club it is recommended to read through the President’s Welcome or any of the sections in the About menu. If you are a fresher or new to the club we’ve put together a Freshers Timetable containing all the key events at the start of Michaelmas term. The news section is designed to publish important information about the club, however if you are thinking about becoming a member it is recommended to join the club Facebook page, subscribe to our mailing list and follow our Twitter account to keep up to date on all club activities in and out of term time. Become familiar with the committee, squad leaders and coaches on the People pages a

On the following pages you can find a whole heap of useful information. You will come across details about our sponsors, Hall of Fame winners, information on the Achilles Club as well as lots of links to websites about training, nutrition and other important bodies in the athletics world (all very interesting!)

Also buried in these pages are the club’s documents explaining how we run as a club and our policy on health and safety amongst a few other things  (not so interesting but perhaps as important!)


Facebook, Twitter and Email

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