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About the Committee

The OUAC committee is elected each year in May, the day after the annual Varsity Match against Cambridge. The officers are chosen by majority vote by those members in person at the meeting.

All members of the club are encouraged to stand for a position on the committee at the AGM. There are many different roles to fill, and no one personality type is required.

At the AGM itself, those standing for a position on the committee are required to give a brief presentation. Following this, questions may be directed to the nominee from the floor. If the position is contested, an election then takes place in the absence of the nominees.

The committee also has the discretion to co-opt a member during the year, should it so desire.

Depending on the time of year, the committee meet three to four times per term. The executive committee, made up of the President, mens/womens Captain, Treasurer and Secretary also meet with the Senior Member and the executive of the cross country club during the term. The president, captain and secretary also sit on the Achilles Club board, and the president and captain on their respective blues committee.

If you have any queries about the roles of those on the committee, please do not hesitate to contact them. This is particularly the case if you are considering running for the position in the forthcoming AGM. Below you will find this years committee, a list of previous committees can be found here.

Current Committee


Jack Paget President

Jack Paget

Jack's Bio

  • Name: Jack Paget

  • College: St Peter's College

  • Subject: Mathematics

  • Events: Discus, Hammer, Shot put

  • Past Committee Positions: Men's Captain, Access Rep

  • My Role: As President, my role is to act as a figurehead for the club and make the decisions which will enable us to continue our upward trajectory. This boils down to uniting the other members of the committee to form a real powerhouse which will crush the mint green athletes in May. I'm really excited to be leading such a talented and fun group of athletes. Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding the club!

  • Women's Captain

    Anna Sharp Women's Captain

    Anna Sharp

    Anna's Bio

  • Name: Anna Sharp

  • College: Queen's

  • Subject: Medicine

  • Events: 800m, 1500m, Steeplechase

  • Past Committee Positions: Women's Social Sec

  • My Role: Hey everyone! My role as Women’s Captain is essentially to continue our winning streak against the tabs by selecting the best teams for the various matches across the year - leading up to the all important Varsity Match in May. In order to best achieve this, I am here to support each and every person in their development, both as individual athletes and as a team, so please do not hesitate to message me at any time with questions or just to have a chat!

  • Men's Captain

    Matt Newton Men's Captain

    Matt Newton

    Matt's Bio

  • Name: Matt Newton

  • College: Worcester

  • Subject: Machine Learning

  • Events: 200m, 400m

  • Past Committee Positions: Secretary, Webmaster

  • My Role: I'm the face of the men's team and responsible for preparing, selecting and readying the strongest dark blue team to smash the tabs come May. I had never set foot on a proper athletics track before coming to Oxford, but after four years with the club, athletics has become the most enjoyable part of my time here. You will find me down at the track on most days. I’m very approachable, so don’t hesitate to come and chat or send me an email with any questions you might have. We cater for athletes of all abilities from complete newbies to semi-professional athletes. This year is looking really exciting for OUAC and is a great time to get involved!

  • Treasurer

    Fergus Imrie Treasurer

    Fergus Imrie

    Fergus's Bio

  • Name: Fergus Imrie

  • College: Keble College

  • Subject: Maths

  • Events: Shot put, Discus

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: My job as treasurer is to manage the day to day finances of the club and decide how best to spend our budget in order to obliterate Cambridge in the summer. I am also keen to ensure money is not a barrier to people competing for OUAC so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

  • Women's Vice Captain

    Charlotte Dannatt Women's Vice Captain

    Charlotte Dannatt

    Charlotte's Bio

  • Name: Charlotte Dannatt

  • College: St John's

  • Subject: Biomedicine

  • Events: 800m, 1500m, 5000m

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: As women’s vice captain I am responsible for selecting the second team and organising warm weather training over Easter. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

  • Men's Vice Captain

    Bonnor Sullivan Men's Vice Captain

    Bonnor Sullivan

    Bonnor's Bio

  • Name: Bonnor Sullivan

  • College: Teddy Hall

  • Subject: Maths

  • Events: 800m

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: As vice captain of the club I am responsible for choosing the second team and organising warm weather training. If there's anything I can help with on or off the track don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Secretary

    Katie Dennison Secretary

    Katie Dennison

    Katie's Bio

  • Name: Katie Dennison

  • College: St Catherine's

  • Subject: Geography

  • Events: Discus, Shot put

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: My biggest responsibilities within OUAC are to organise transport to and from competitions, as a club we try to arrange transport for as many competitions as possible. Please get in touch if you would like transport arranged and also if you are able to drive a minibus for us. I am also in charge of EA registration, any issues with changing club or competition rights then let me know. Additional I organise the annual club photos and on a day to day basis I also assist the president on the general running of the club and am available to respond to general queries about OUAC. I've been part of this club since the start of first year and would highly recommend anyone joining!

  • Achilles Rep

    Emma Roberts Achilles

    Emma Roberts

    Emma's Bio

  • Name: Emma Roberts

  • College: Queen's

  • Subject: Medicine

  • Events: 100mH, 200mH, 100m, 200m

  • Past Committee Positions: Women's Captain

  • My Role: I am in charge of the link between OUAC and the joint Oxford and Cambridge athletics club, Achilles.

  • Kit Rep

    Conrad Will Kit Rep

    Conrad Will

    Conrad's Bio

  • Name: Conrad Will

  • College: University College

  • Events: 100m, 200m

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: I like stash. I wear a lot of stash. Let me know if you want more stash.

  • Webmaster

    Alex Gruen Webmaster

    Alex Gruen

    Alex's Bio

  • Name: Alex Gruen

  • College: Balliol

  • Subject: Maths and Philosophy

  • Events: 800m, 1500m

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: As Webmaster it's my job to implement and maintain everything you see on this website. If you have any ideas for/ issues with the website please get in touch. Also if you qualify for the all time list please let me know and I'll add you in!

  • Men's Social Sec

    Sam Brown Men's Social Sec

    Sam Brown

    Sam's Bio

  • Name: Sam Brown

  • College: University College

  • Events: 800m

  • Past Committee Positions: First role

  • My Role: My role on the OUAC committee is Men’s Social Secretary. I’m responsible for the men’s team socials and fostering the team spirit that will no doubt only lead to another 10-0 shoeing of the tabs next year. I’ll be organising dinners, drinks and most of course crewdates where we socialise with a women’s sports team from the university in some of the finest dining establishments Oxford has to offer. Athletics has one of the best social scenes among Oxford sport and everyone is welcome – come and get involved!

  • Women's Social Sec

    Jaya Sharma Women's Social Sec

    Jaya Sharma

    Jaya's Bio

  • Name: Jaya Sharma

  • College: Oriel

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: As the OUAC female social sec, I'm in charge of organising regular women's coffee dates and crewdates, as well as working with Sam, the other social sec, to plan the larger events such as the OUAC Christmas dinner, annual dinner, and (of course) the post varsity banquet. I also hope to make sure that any new members are properly welcomed into the team, and hope to try and maintain the warm and inclusive atmosphere of OUAC.

  • Fixtures Rep

    Cameron Bain Fixtures Rep

    Cameron Bain

    Cameron's Bio

  • Name: Cameron Bain

  • College: Magdalen

  • Subject: Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Events: 400m

  • Past Committee Positions: Webmaster

  • My Role: I’m responsible for arranging the fixtures organised by OUAC which include Michaelmas and Trinity Cuppers.

  • Access Rep

    Maddie Smith Access Rep

    Maddie Smith

    Maddie's Bio

  • Name: Maddie Smith

  • College: St Anne's

  • Events: Long jump, Triple jump

  • Past Committee Positions: None

  • My Role: I’m responsible for access in 2017/2018. This means I will be representing OUAC at events including English Schools, as well as helping promising athletes with their applications to Oxford. I’m planning on focussing this year on broadening the reach of the access scheme with a particular emphasis on state school candidates who otherwise would not be supported in their application to Oxford

  • Publications

    Miles Weatherseed Publications

    Miles Weatherseed

    Miles' Bio

  • Name: Miles Weatherseed

  • College: Lady Margaret Hall

  • Subject: Maths

  • Events: 800m, 150m, 5k (road)

  • Past Committee Positions: President, Treasurer

  • General

    Katie Hannawin General

    Katie Hannawin

    Katie's Bio

  • Name: Katie Hannawin

  • College: Worcester College

  • Events: 100m, 200m


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