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The OUAC committee is elected each year in May, the day after the annual Varsity Match against Cambridge. The officers are chosen by majority vote by those members in person at the meeting.

All members of the club are encouraged to stand for a position on the committee at the AGM. There are many different roles to fill, and no one personality type is required.

At the AGM itself, those standing for a position on the committee are required to give a brief presentation. Following this, questions may be directed to the nominee from the floor. If the position is contested, an election then takes place in the absence of the nominees.

The committee also has the discretion to co-opt a member during the year, should it so desire.

Depending on the time of year, the committee meet three to four times per term. The executive committee, made up of the President, mens/womens Captain, Treasurer and Secretary also meet with the Senior Member and the executive of the cross country club during the term. The president, captain and secretary also sit on the Achilles Club board, and the president and captain on their respective blues committee.

If you have any queries about the roles of those on the committee, please do not hesitate to contact them. This is particularly the case if you are considering running for the position in the forthcoming AGM. Below are some profiles of this year’s committee – just to prove that really anyone can get involved!

President - Hugh Baker

Hugh has taken up the mantle of President after serving the committee as treasurer for a year. A well-known, friendly face amongst the club, and with some of the OUAC old dogs leaving this year, Hugh is in a prime position to rally the troops, and lead the new blood to victory!

Email: hugh.baker@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Women's Captain - Sam Rawlinson

Sam is proof that hard work and dedication breeds success. Starting out as a relative novice three years ago, Sam has worked tirelessly, and has earned her well deserved spot in the Blues Squad as a Pole Vaulter and Sprinter supreme. Now as leader of the Blues team, Sam’s passion and drive will undoubtedly bring great results in the year ahead.

Email: samantha.rawlinson@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Men's Captain - Louis Rawlings

Living a stone’s throw away from Iffley next year, Louis’ natural habitat is the track. With his international pedigree well established, Louis has his attention firmly fixed on delivering a dark blue victory come V-Day: May 7th 2016. Despite his shoe collection suggesting he’s more Louis Vuitton than King Louis, he’s working hard to regain his crown by turning Iffley Road into his very own Bastille that the tabs won’t stand a chance of storming.

Email: louis.rawlings@chch.ox.ac.uk

Hon. Secretary - Rowan May

Rowan’s PB smashes the high jump world record by 3 metres. To be fair, he is pole vaulter. But, an incredibly talented pole vaulter. His vast athletics experience will be invaluable to the committee this season with multiple selections for GB at international level. Overcoming a hand injury last season, sources say he has never been more motivated to write committee meeting minutes and is going to fly over the 5 metre mark at Varsity.

Email: rowan.may@bnc.ox.ac.uk

Treasurer - Hugo Fleming

Bio coming soon!

Email: hugo.fleming@ccc.ox.ac.uk

Men's Vice Captain - Louis Gardner

Bio coming soon!

Email: louis.gardner@stcatz.ox.ac.uk

Women's Vice Captain - Kate Wasyliw

Email: kate.wasyliw@some.ox.ac.uk

Kit Rep - Alex Georgiou

Email: alexander.georgiou@bnc.ox.ac.uk

Women's Social Sec - Dani Chattenton

Email: dani.chattenton@wadh.ox.ac.uk

Men's Social Sec - Harry Woodcock

Email: harry.woodcock@univ.ox.ac.uk

Fixtures Rep - Charlie Oakley

“Having arrived at Oxford this year, Charlie has sadly seen his season curtailed by a variety of unfortunate injuries, which have limited his performances, although it’s safe to say he’ll be keeping the Portugal rental bikes at arms-length from now on. With his injuries now behind him, he’ll hope to rewrite his 2 year old 400m PB and ensure the future successes of OUAC, aiding his fellow Geography fresher Captain.

Email: charles.oakley@keble.ox.ac.uk

Alumni Rep - Katie Holder

Katie is a true asset to OUAC.  Katie is a multi eventer, who has developed her throwing skills through committed weight lifting, leading the way for other women in OUAC.  Katie has been a part of the club for over 5 years, and been outstanding in committee positions including Women’s captain, vice captain , kit rep and general committee.  Her understanding of the club and its needs, as well as her passion and loyalty will remain invaluable on the committee this year in her role as alumni rep.

Email: katie.holder@new.ox.ac.uk

Webmaster - Anna Niedbala

Anna has thrown blues standards in three throw events this year, showing that no challenge is too big. Regularly found training at the track, and a friendly face, Anna has enthusiasm and knowledge of her sport that is invaluable to the committee.

Email: anna.niedbala@kellogg.ox.ac.uk

General Committee - Alex Howard

Having led the cross country team to victory as captain in their varsity match, Alex has now turned his attention to the track and field side of things. He is a true asset to the club and will be able to use his experience as former captain of OUCCC to help out with all things athletics.

Email: alexander.howard@chch.ox.ac.uk

General Committee - Kate Davies

Bio coming soon!

Email: kate.davies@univ.ox.ac.uk



Committee Position Position Holder
President Adam McBraida
Men’s Captain Sam Trigg
Women’s Captain Montana Jackson
Hon. Secretary Will Durkin
Junior Treasurer & Membership Hugh Baker
Vice Captain – Men Freddy Smith
Vice Captain – Women Eniola Oyesanya
Sponsorship & Alumni Caspar Eliot
Men’s Social Secretary William David
Women’s Social Secretary Emily Stone
Kit Rep Jenny Richards
Fixtures Secretary Christina Nick
Webmaster Craig Morten
General Committee Katie Holder
General Committee Rowan May


Committee Position Position Holder
President Ralph Eliot
Men’s Captain Adam McBraida
Women’s Captain Katie Holder
Hon. Secretary & Webmaster Craig Morten
Junior Treasurer & Membership George Gundle
Vice Captain – Men Ben Conibear
Vice Captain – Women Connie Thurlow
Sponsorship & Alumni Elle Gatehouse
Men’s Social Secretary Harry Parkin
Women’s Social Secretary Montana Jackson
Kit Rep Jenny Richards
Fixtures Secretary Sam Trigg


Trinity 13

Committee Position Position Holder
President Vartan Shadarevian



Committee Position Position Holder
President Alex Probodziak
Men’s Captain Dan Hooker
Women’s Captain Nadine Prill
Hon. Secretary Ralph Eliot
Junior Treasurer & Membership Richard Millar
Vice Captain – Men Vartan Shadarevian
Vice Captain – Women Katie Holder
Sponsorship & Alumni Helen Hanstock
Social Secretary Elle Gatehouse
Kit Rep Katie Holder
Fixtures Secretary Nadia Odunayo
Webmaster Chris Day



Committee Position Position Holder
President Matthew Johnson
Men’s Captain Bradford Waldie
Women’s Captain Elle Gatehouse
Hon. Secretary Caspar Eliot
Junior Treasurer & Membership Ben White
Vice Captain – Men Ben White
Vice Captain – Women Katie Holder
Sponsorship & Alumni Catriona Witcombe
Social Secretary Felicity Abbott
Kit Rep Tom Frith
Webmaster Gareth Morgan



Committee Position Position Holder
President Cat Witcombe
Men’s Captain Ben Horsley
Women’s Captain Helen Hanstock
Hon. Secretary James Garnier
Junior Treasurer & Membership Clara Blattler
Vice Captain – Men Ben White
Vice Captain – Women Elle Gatehouse
Sponsorship & Alumni Alan Chetwynd & Dan Johnson
Social Secretary Tom Phelan
Social Secretary Elle Gatehouse
Kit Rep Andrew Heyes
Fixture Secretary Chris McGurk



Committee Position Position Holder
President Dan Johnson
Men’s Captain Alex Skouby
Women’s Captain Clara Blatter
Hon. Secretary Gina Hood
Junior Treasurer & Membership Andy Bullimore
Vice Captain – Men Abu Abioye
Vice Captain – Women Clare Kane
Sponsorship & Alumni Maxim Polyakov
Social Secretary Andy Heyes
Social Secretary Emily Binner
Kit Rep Helen Hanstock
Fixture Secretary Mark Ponsford



Committee Position Position Holder
President Alan Chetwynd
Men’s Captain Dane Austin
Women’s Captain Emily Binner
Hon. Secretary Carolyn Plateau
Junior Treasurer & Membership Oliver Stogdale
Vice Captain – Men Andy Bullimore
Vice Captain – Women Carolyn Plateau
Sponsorship & Alumni Louise Steele
Social Secretary Cat Witcombe
Social Secretary Dan Johnson
Kit Rep Mark Ponsford
Fixture Secretary Jack Matthews



Committee Position Position Holder
President Sally Hughes
Men’s Captain Philip Duggleby
Women’s Captain Steph Madgett
Hon. Secretary Dan Johnson
Junior Treasurer & Membership Mark Ponsford
Vice Captain – Men Johnny Pearson
Vice Captain – Women Dominique Smith
Sponsorship & Alumni Frances Smithson
Fixture Secretary Jack Matthews
Webmaster Aaron O’Leary



Committee Position Position Holder
President Steve Marlow
Women’s Captain Frances Smithson
Hon. Secretary Sally Hughes
Junior Treasurer & Membership Jonathan Buckler
Vice Captain – Men Philip Duggleby
Vice Captain – Women & Press Secretary Natalie McManus
Sponsorship & Alumni Mark Ponsford
Party Boy Tom Gibson
Party Girl Steph Madgett
Kit Rep Josh Abraham-Steele
Fixture Secretary Martine Bomb
Track Events Rep. Justin Richards
Webmaster & Stato Kabir Soorya



Committee Position Position Holder
President Martine Bomb
Men’s Captain Jonathan Buckler
Hon. Secretary Katie Sam
Junior Treasurer Philip Duggleby
Vice Captain – Men Steve Marlow
Vice Captain – Women Lizi Brathwaite
Sponsorship Pete Harding
Party Boy Ben Moreau
Party Girl Danielle Fidge
Membership Secretary Sally Hughes
Press Secretary Laura Kyte
Kit Rep Sarah Walker
Fixture Secretary Steve Marlow
Stato Stephen Granger-Bevan
Field Events Rep. Dave Harding & Iain McNeill
Webmaster Tino Kluge



Committee Position Position Holder
President Richard Baderin
Women’s Captain Katie Sam
Hon. Secretary Dan Johnson
Junior Treasurer Nick Radford
Vice Captain – Men Toleme Ezekiel
Vice Captain – Women Zoe Barber
Sponsorship Iain McNeill
Party Boy Jonan Boto
Party Girl Lizi Brathwaite
Membership Secretary Kathryn Hesketh
Press Secretary Danielle Fidge & Ben Moreau
Kit Rep Jess Tyrell
Fixture Secretary Finlay Wright
Stato Sean Buckeridge
Field Events Rep. Stephen McCauley
Webmaster Tino Kluge



Committee Position Position Holder
President Fraser Thompson
Women’s Captain Ailsa Wallace
Hon. Secretary Nick Radford
Junior Treasurer Rob Lawton
Vice Captain – Men Richard Baderin
Vice Captain – Women Kathryn Hesketh
Sponsorship Natalie Coleman
Party Boy Pete Harding
Party Girl Sarah Morris
Membership Secretary Sarah Lane
Press Secretary Gareth Davies
Kit Boy Dan Johnson
Fixture Secretary Dave Harding
Stato Lara Bromilow
Field Events Rep. Sean Gourley
Webmaster Martin Bishop

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