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About the Committee

The OUAC committee is elected each year in May, the day after the annual Varsity Match against Cambridge. The officers are chosen by majority vote by those members in person at the meeting.

All members of the club are encouraged to stand for a position on the committee at the AGM. There are many different roles to fill, and no one personality type is required.

At the AGM itself, those standing for a position on the committee are required to give a brief presentation. Following this, questions may be directed to the nominee from the floor. If the position is contested, an election then takes place in the absence of the nominees.

The committee also has the discretion to co-opt a member during the year, should it so desire.

Depending on the time of year, the committee meet three to four times per term. The executive committee, made up of the President, mens/womens Captain, Treasurer and Secretary also meet with the Senior Member and the executive of the cross country club during the term. The president, captain and secretary also sit on the Achilles Club board, and the president and captain on their respective blues committee.

If you have any queries about the roles of those on the committee, please do not hesitate to contact them. This is particularly the case if you are considering running for the position in the forthcoming AGM. Below you will find this years committee, a list of previous committees can be found here.

Current Committee


Hugo Fleming President

Hugo Fleming


Hugo's Bio

I'm Hugo, and as President I'm first and foremost concerned with ensuring that everyone in the club has the environment to achieve success in athletics, however that is defined for them. If you think there is a way the club can work better, I'd like to hear from you, whoever you are and regardless of how trivial it may seem - even tiny improvements accumulate to produce massive gains further down the line! Read more about our goals for the club in 2016-17 here; in short, we're targeting a 4-0 whitewash in the Varsity match.

As a runner, I'm primarily focussed on the 800m and 400m, which means I'm somehow able to enjoy putting myself through the grimmest of lactic sessions. Outside of athletics, I also compete in Modern Pentathlon (having represented GB on numerous occasions at Youth level), and in my spare time I dabble in the 3rd year of an Experimental Psychology degree.

Women's Captain

Anna Niedbala Womens Captain

Anna Niedbala


Anna's Bio

Hi! I'm Anna, this year's Women's Captain. I'm looking forward to putting together our strongest team yet to take home the trophy from this year's Varsity Match! Whether you are a prospective athlete, a returner looking to get more involved, or a seasoned Blues veteran, please don't hesitate to get in touch – whether you have questions about training, want to let me know how your competitions are going, or need some motivation, I'm always happy to talk to you. You can usually find me in the throwing circle hurling my implements of choice, the discus and the hammer. In my non-athletics life (yes, it exists!) I'm a third-year DPhil student in Education and Psychology.

Men's Captain

Andrew Wheeler Mens Captain

Andrew Wheeler


Andrew's Bio

Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m the Men’s Captain for 2016/17. My job is to make sure Oxford has the strongest possible team facing the tabs at Varsity, so I’m focused on recruiting new athletes, ensuring everyone is training hard and smart, preventing athletes from getting injured and picking the best possible team. On a personal front, I’m a triple jumper from Australia, a Rhodes Scholar, and I’m currently studying the Master of Public Policy at Brasenose College. In a life before Oxford I worked in management consulting. I’m down at every training session, so do come and say hi if you’re new to the team!


Miles Weatherseed Treasurer

Miles Weatherseed


Miles' Bio

Hi, I’m Miles and I’m this year’s Treasurer. My job is to manage the club’s finances and decide how best to spend our budget in order to obliterate Cambridge in the summer. In short; more stash, more coaching, more socials (see Emily/Alex).

My athletics background is as a middle-distance runner, specialising in the 1500m (for which I’ve represented England at junior level). I’m also a second mathematician, back after a frustrating first taste of Varsity, hungrier than ever for victory over the tabs.


Rowan May Secretary

Rowan May


Rowan's Bio

I'm the club's secretary for the 2nd year running. My role revolves around assisting the President in organisation behind the scenes, with the main aspect being in charge of organising transport. I should be able to assist with any general queries about the club. My own event is pole-vault, in which I have represented GB on 3 occasions.

Achilles Rep

Hugh Baker Achilies Rep 2

Hugh Baker


Hugh's Bio

Entering his sixth year at Oxford, an OUAC veteran, Hugh is in charge of the link between OUAC and the joint Oxford and Cambridge athletics club, Achilles. Also, cos he's old, he acts as alumni rep. Find him collapsed in a heap on the track after grim lactic sessions.

Men's Vice Captain

Ronan Llyr Mens Vice Captain

Ronan Llyr


Ronan's Bio

I'm Ronan and I'm a 4th year medic at Green Templeton. As men's vice-captain for 2016/17 my roles include making team selection decisions and organising our annual warm weather training camp.

Women's Vice Captain

Dani Chattenton Womens Vice Captain

Dani Chattenton


Dani's Bio

As vice-captain I'll be in charge of the seconds team when it comes to varsity. I rarely miss a social, or a training session, so come and ask any questions. Be sure to look out for WWT over the Easter Vac, I will ensure it's a great one this year. I am also president of Modern Pentathlon and queen of fitting everything in, including a Biology degree every now and then. I'm a third year at Wadham.

Kit Rep

LouisRawlings Kit Rep

Louis Rawlings


Louis' Bio

Hi all, I'm here for all things stash related. Whether it's a vest or a Burkini you want, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

Women's Social Sec

Emily Hoogkamer Womens Social Sec

Emily Hoogkamer


Emily's Bio

Hey! As social sec my job is to organise lots of fun things throughout the year, and make sure everyone in OUAC has a chance to get to know each other. With the classic combination of throwing and running, I’m around a lot, so feel free to grab me for questions any time, or send me an email.

Men's Social Sec

Alex Grundman Mens Social Sec

Alex Grundman


Alex's Bio

5th year medic in charge of socials, get involved!


Matt Newton Webmaster 3

Matt Newton


Matt's Bio

As Webmaster I'm responsible for the running of this website, if something isn't working or could use a change then let me know. Best known for my incredible inflexibility, getting egg in my eye (pictured above) and having an "O-face" in the home straight of the 400m. When not doing the above I study Engineering at St Catz (3rd year).

Fixtures Rep

Connor Ellis Fixtures Rep

Connor Ellis


Connor's Bio

Hi I’m Connor and this years Fixtures Secretary! My role basically involves helping to organise all the fixtures that OUAC holds throughout the year, so this year both Michaelmas and Trinity Cuppers as well as Freshers’ Varsity Match. On the track I like to compete in 400m and 400mH, so am no stranger to lactic/the bin. Away from athletics I’m a second year Chemist at St. Peter’s.


Sam Rawlingson General

Sam Rawlinson


Sam's Bio

As last years women's captain, my role as general committee involves helping out with wherever it's needed and supporting the new women's captain and vice-captain. Specifically this year I will also be heading up our strength and conditioning programme, and helping with the running of OUAC's social media. Personally I am a pole vaulter and short sprinter, and am also one of the co-squad leaders for pole vault. When I'm not doing athletics, I am a final (6th) year medic at St. John's College.


Louis Gardner General

Louis Gardner


Louis' Bio

I’m a 5th Year medic at St Catz, and last year's Men’s Vice-Captain. I have a penchant for relays, and trying to evade dangerous obstacles over the course of 400m. I am always on time for training and have a deep dislike for tabs. My role as General Committee will be to assist in any way I can, such as with attracting a sponsor for OUAC and organising the annual training camp in Portugal.


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