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Welcome to Oxford University Athletics Club. We have claims to being the oldest athletics club in the world; since 1860, our athletes have trained and competed under the banner of OUAC, and we have boasted many a great athlete since, some of whom have even used the club as a stepping stone to Olympic glory.

Perhaps the most distinctive and special feature of the club is an atmosphere of cohesion and inclusiveness. We are a team with the goal of improving ourselves as athletes, and we welcome those who want to join us. Everyone is welcome to train with us at our home at the Iffley Sports Ground. If you want to try athletics, I encourage you to come down to the track, meet the squad leaders and give it a go. The hope is that we can welcome you into our team and give you a part to play in the success of the club.

We train year round with a team of specialised, dedicated and friendly coaches. The early highlight of the season is the Fresher’s Varsity Match against Cambridge in early November. After winter training, we move into the indoor season, of which BUCs and FEAR are the highlights.

Undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the year, however, is the annual outdoor Varsity Match against Cambridge which takes place in May. This season will see the 142nd Athletics Varsity Match and we will be contesting Cambridge on our home ground at Iffley.

OUAC also has an exciting amount to offer outside of competition too. We host a variety of socials through which our members can get to know each other; our athletes often find that their most lasting friendships come from within the club. Open to all members is the 10 day warm weather training camp during Easter in Portugal, which is also one of the highlights of the year.

If you still have questions about the club, please do not hesitate to get into touch with me or anyone else from the committee – we are more than happy to help!

Hugh Baker, OUAC President 2015-2016

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