Horizontal Jumps

We have athletes of all levels of experience - from international athletes to those who only started jumping at university. Training is very flexible and whilst you are more than welcome to come to every session, the amount of training you take part in is completely up to you. There are three main sessions each week, complemented by short sprint and strength and conditioning sessions which you can join too.  

For jumpers, our two main week-day sessions tend to be on the track - a mixture of short and long sprint sessions, plyometric work, medicine ball exercises and plyometric type circuits, depending on the time of year and competition schedule. Weekends are for technical jumps sessions! The weekday evening sessions coincide with the sprints sessions, so it's a nice opportunity to catch up with the rest of the club and enjoy the friendly atmosphere!


We are very lucky to have Dan Hooker as our coach, who has a fantastic eye for detail. He is very passionate about OUAC and puts a lot of effort into setting both group and individual training programmes so you will definitely be in safe hands.

It is not all about long and triple jump however - we regularly meet up for squad meals, host movie nights and recently teamed up with some high jumpers and took on (and defeated!) the sprints squad at laser tag. We are a very friendly and welcoming group and look forward to meeting you!


Monday Rest
Tuesday 3pm Shorter Sprints + Plyo work at track
Wednesday Weights and box jumps, S&C
Thursday 5pm Longer Sprints, Medicine ball exercises + Circuits
Friday S&C
Saturday 10am Technical Jumps
Sunday Weights