Jumps Squad


We specialise in long jump and triple jump and are a very friendly and welcoming group. We have athletes of all levels of experience - from international athletes to those who only started jumping at university. Training is very flexible and whilst you are more than welcome to come to every session, the amount of training you take part in is completely up to you.

For jumpers, Tuesday and Thursday evenings are track based and include a mixture of short and long sprint sessions, plyometric work, medicine ball exercises and circuits, depending on the time of year and competition schedule. Sunday is everyone’s favourite day – technical jumps day! We are very lucky to have Dan Hooker as our coach, who has a fantastic eye for detail. These sessions are supplemented by strength and conditioning sessions on Wednesday and Friday. We look forward to meeting you!


Training Times:

Tuesday 18:00 - Short Sprints & Circuits

Wednesday 17:30 -  Strength & Conditioning

Thursday 18:00 - Long Sprints

Friday 16:00 - Strength & Conditioning

Sunday 12:00 - Technical Jumps