Long Sprints

Our squad is a lot of fun to be part of and we would love to see you down at the track. We are one of the smaller squads but make up for this with our squad spirit - and our performances too!

The long sprinters mainly focus on 400m/400mH but many combine this with either the 200m or 800m. In addition to racing individually, relays are a big part of life as a 400m runner and are lots of fun. Since August 2019 this squad has been split into men’s and women’s groups for some of their sessions. The two groups train separately during the week but come together to train in the weekend.

There are so many reasons to join the long sprints group, whichever stage of uni or athletics you’re at. While many train aiming to compete at the highest level, we cater for all levels of experience. Your training partners, coaches and teammates within the squad, and across OUAC make amazing friends and mentors who are always around to offer advice about track, uni, life or how to balance all three. This is exemplified by our informal squad dinners and socials where we spend time together away from the track.


Long Sprints Women

Our coach is Emma, OUAC’s short sprints coach who is also experienced with long sprints. We run 3 times a week, around which we fit S+C and circuits sessions. We are on the track twice during the week to train with the short sprinters, doing similar or adapted training sessions as one big squad. On the weekend we train with the male long sprinters.

The great thing about being a smaller squad is that there is lots of flexibility - we make an effort to train together wherever possible. Sometimes this means adjusting start times slightly to account for what works for everyone.

Long Sprints Men

Our coach is Kyle, an experienced 400m coach who also trains the middle and long distance squads. We train four times a week as a group as well as easy runs and two rest days each week. There are two track sessions which are complemented by a drills session and two gym sessions. We put aside our one lap mentality for an easy run or cross training on Sundays. We train together as a squad during the week and link up with the female long sprinters for the weekend session - hills at South Parks or hitting the track.


  Girls Guys
Monday   Drills & Track session 6pm
Tuesday Track session 5pm  
Wednesday   Track session 6pm
Thursday Track session 5pm  
Saturday Hills South Park 10am Hills South Park 10am