Middle Distance

Middle Distance!

The Middle Distance squad tend to compete over distances of 400-3000m, with a focus on preparing for 800/1500m. All abilities are catered for, so don’t be afraid to join us at the track if you are completely new to the sport – you will find people like you! Everyone who wants to will have the opportunity to compete through the year.

Our coach Matt sets a weekly plan through term time and holidays. This includes two main sessions, one of which tends to be based on the grass. A drills/circuits session and recovery runs are also included. You’ll find you improve fastest if you do the whole programme, but its up to you what level of commitment you want to make. 

Through Michaelmas, the MD squad trains with sister club OUCCC, building a strong endurance base to carry into the summer. While cross country athletes are encouraged to attend the main lunchtime grass session on Wednesdays, many from the MD squad prefer to attend the alternative evening session, which is held on the track. In Hilary, training diverges further as the middle distance squad turns their focus away from the mud and to indoor competition, with faster track sessions introduced. As the cross country season comes to an end, the group tends to grow as Wednesday lunchtime sessions also move to the track. Training through the Easter holidays and into Trinity term becomes increasingly event specific ahead of target competitions like BUCS and Varsity. 

Alongside training, middle distance squad members will be found at both OUAC and OUCCC socials and will often organise to meet up for easy runs or grab dinner together after sessions. Main middle distance training sessions are an Evening Track Session at Iffley Road Track (Warm up from 6pm) on Wednesdays, and a Grass Session at South Parks or Exeter-Hertford training grounds (Warm up from 10am) on Saturdays. Please contact OUCCC for details of their training sessions if you fancy joining!